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Here is the place for all of the Spotters in the world to gather and discuss.

Please leave comments and experiences for your fellow Spotters to share and enjoy.

I’ll get us started by sharing an experience I had with a lady at the grocery store.


Naturally, my eyes are drawn to Yoga Pants whenever and where ever they occur. Well, one day at the Trader Joes, near the fruit section, there was a lovely lady squeezing a mango, looking good in her black Yoga Pants and sporty tank top. Healthy people like to shop at TJs, so it’s no surprise to see someone like her there.

Anyway, I decided to practice my Spotting Skills, so I took a closer look at the lady – in stealth mode of course.

She was probably in her mid to late 30s, caucasian, medium long brown hair – natural color – light makeup, simple manicured nails, clean but plain running shoes and no obvious panty lines.

So from this first glance, I can tell:

  1. No wedding ring and no visible ring band on her ring finger, but obviously rings on other fingers – Not Married
  2. Not self conscious about her body – it’s in great shape with no muffin top or cellulite
  3. Not concerned with looking as hot as possible because her makeup is natural and simple, but still pretty – like she made some efforts
  4. Her face had a relaxed and calm expression and she looked generally happy and cheerful


So overall, she looks like an open PSoul – a very nice woman to talk with and come away feeling like you met a good person with a good heart who enjoys life and has everything under control.

I needed more information. So I waited for her to move on to the next section of the grocery store so I could observe her movements and how she dealt with other people as she pushed her cart around other shoppers.

As she moved from the fruits to the cereal section, she wasn’t making eye contact with anybody else – not with women or children or men. She did smile at one of the worker at the store. This doesn’t tell me much. I need more info.

As shE rounded the corner and headed for the frozen section, she avoided the free sample station and started perusing the frozen meats. It took a short minute, but both her nipples got rock hard from the cold and she immediately noticed and looked around to see if anyone saw her nipples. Then she tried to squeeze her arms together to cover them up but failed. She started to quickly push her cart away from the frozen section and find warmer air, but it was already too late. Her headlights were on and it wasn’t only me noticing.

She became more and more self conscious as she past more people in the store. I could tell she was embarrassed beyond words. But nobody really seemed to care – other women understand and men love an erect nipple poking through a shirt.

But her discomfort was obvious and she was heading to the wine section where there may be less people and warmer air.

FroM this I concluded that our Yoga Pants lady was very self aware of her body and not happy to be advertising the sexy bits. So most likely, she doesn’t wear Yoga Pants for the sex appeal, but for the comfort and performance of a workout. Fine, so she most likely doesn’t consciously acknowledge that her vagina is visible and her ass cheeks are being ogled but men around her.


She is a typical woman who does not acknowledge her PSoul. Not a close PSoul, but definitely not an Open PSoul either.


That’s all there is to it.


Now with this information, you are free to either approach this lady with friendship or dating as your goal, with the knowledge that she is most likely not a stripper or a Hooters girl or a former bikini contest model. Most likely she is an average woman with an average outlook on life and sexuality.


Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your conversation accordingly.


Now it’s your turn!!

Good luck out there!!!!!!!